The Trails series

Trails is my favorite RPG series.

Side material

  • A Reddit post about side material with English translations.
  • A blog post with more comprehensive coverage of side material (translated or not), along with recommendations about when to read it.


  • Thanks to a remarkably permissive use policy, Falcom’s music is widely available from both official and unofficial sources—Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, probably more.
  • Falcom does not generally credit its composers, but this incredible fan-made Google Docs spreadsheet does the work for them—it uses information from leaks, analysis of compositional styles, and even comparisons of dynamic range to figure out who wrote what. (It also has a few spittle-filled diatribes, like describing someone’s music as “so terrible sounding that it edges on disrespect to the legacy of music history,” but there’s enough good stuff in there that I still recommend it.)