October 2021 media

  • Homestuck Made This World: Ranged Touch’s Cameron and Michael podcast about reading the webcomic Homestuck has been incredible. Their particular interests mean you’re as likely to hear about the history of Something Awful fandom as, say, Foucault’s author function. The show has been going since August but I think it’s really hit its stride with the October episodes.

  • Lab Girl: This is an autobiography by scientist Hope Jahren, interspersed with some shorter chapters on plant biology that serve as pointed metaphors about life. I especially loved Jahren’s friend and colleague Bill, who made me laugh aloud almost every time he appeared.

  • Crying in H Mart: A tremendous and tremendously sad memoir about family and food and death, written by Michelle Zauner of the band Japanese Breakfast. I’ve been sticking to more anodyne reads for most of the pandemic, but I’m glad I let this one through—the buzz for it is well deserved, and it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.