I’ve added a new Notes section to the site, inspired by last month’s post about “digital gardens.”

After writing that post and then thinking things over, I realized a couple of things. First, keeping an offline personal wiki isn’t as compelling to me as an online one—I’ve never worried about whether anything I write about here appeals to a broad audience, so why start now? Second, the technical implementation is not that important. I don’t need to spend time researching wiki software when the thing I actually want is just…a website.

I’m thinking of this as a throwback to the old days of non-chronological personal sites. As much as I like blogs, I also miss stumbling upon bespoke fan pages and other curios from an earlier age of the internet. If I can cultivate a little corner of the web that rekindles that feeling in even one person, I’ll consider this a success—even if I don’t realize any of the cognitive benefits that Mike Caulfield wrote about in the pieces I linked last month.

There aren’t many pages in the Notes section yet, but I’m especially fond of two in particular: this big list of words, and this embryonic Ichiko Aoba fan page.