May 2021 media

  • My Alcoholic Escape from Reality: This is the latest in a series of autobiographical manga from Kabi Nagata, who first rose to prominence with My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. It’s as bleak as ever, as you’d expect from the title, so don’t go in expecting a good time. (Hopefully she gets to write My Nice Chill Weekend with My New Wife one day.) She’s still a phenomenal storyteller, though, so if you’re in the right headspace I recommend it.

  • Nier: Automata: Speaking of bleak, I rolled straight from the Replicant remaster into a replay of its sequel. I thought I would see Automata with new eyes with the additional context, but in practice the connections feel more like Easter eggs than important lore threads. Four years is apparently long enough for me to forget a lot of details, though, so I’m having fun with it on its own terms.

  • Waypoint Plus: Vice’s video games vertical Waypoint is launching a subscription plan. The initiative is so new that it doesn’t have a proper landing page yet and the only content so far is a single podcast episode on a new subscriber feed, so I guess that’s technically what I’m recommending here. What I’m really excited for, though, is the future: not only do they plan to do more podcasting, but they also want to get back to streaming on Twitch.