March 2023 media

An early one this month since I’ll be out of town next week!

  • 2023 World Baseball Classic: You don’t often get the best baseball of the year in March. With Trea Turner’s grand slam to put the United States over Venezuela, Munetaka Murakami’s walk-off double to send Japan to the finals, and Shohei Ohtani obliterating his Angels teammate Mike Trout with a tournament-winning strikeout, this year’s WBC featured the kind of theatrics that would seem too unbelievable for fiction. The early regular season won’t be able to compete.

  • Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence: The new special exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston features, as they put it, “more than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai” as well as “about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.” It’s worth the price of admission for the Hokusai alone, honestly. Come for the Great Wave, stay for the other art both expected (Monet, Warhol) and unexpected (Demon Slayer, a giant Lego sculpture).

  • Hungry Goriya: A retro video game streamer who I found through the serendipity of the YouTube algorithm. I love the game selections, and appreciate the light editing to keep things lively when grinding or repetition sets in. Lately I’ve been enjoying her years-old playthroughs of Ultima IV and Phantasy Star on the Master System, two of the first games I ever played (and neither of which I was able to finish as a child).