March 2022 media

  • Captain Ahab: The Story of Dave Stieb: This is a YouTube sports documentary series—or three quarters of it anyway—by Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein of Secret Base. It’s far and away the best thing I’ve seen all month. If you’re into baseball at all, put aside a couple of hours for this and by the end you’ll be watching it from between your fingers like it’s a horror movie. (And if you don’t know anything about Dave Stieb, do yourself a favor and watch the series before looking him up on Wikipedia.)

  • Elden Ring: I’m not sure Elden Ring is the transcendent generation-defining experience for me that it is for others, but I am enjoying it. And I’m glad to see a studio as influential as From Software finally have their moment of breakout success! I think it’s worth giving this a shot even if you’ve bounced off their stuff in the past—the open world structure means you can more easily outlevel or even skip bosses that are giving you trouble.

  • Triangle Strategy: How could you dislike a game with a title like this? It plays like Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics and has that distinctive “HD-2D” art style from Octopath Traveler. I love it, and I love its ridiculous overwrought fantasy world. If you want to hear about the betrayal in your lord’s demesne because of the lingering effects of the Saltiron War and then move a bunch of chess pieces around, this is the game for you.