June 2021 media

  • NetNewsWire 6 for iOS: I’ve been enjoying this latest incarnation of the venerable RSS reader NetNewsWire for a while now, but this latest update is where it’s really come into its own for me. Version 6 introduces iCloud sync, which means that you can now keep your feeds and unreads up to date without needing an additional paid subscription service like Feedbin. It was the exact feature I needed to really dive back into the world of (reading) blogs.

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition: It seems I’m revisiting a lot of games this year—Super Mario 3D World and Nier: Automata, most recently—and I’ve been overdue in getting back to the Mass Effect trilogy. I’m halfway through the second one now, and I’ve been really impressed with this release so far—it’s hitting that sweet spot where they’ve sanded away lots of minor frustrations but the games still feel like how I remember them. They’re holding up pretty well, too!

  • Ichiko Aoba’s Windswept Adan concert: Unfortunately this was a paid stream with a limited-time archive, so I can’t link you the whole thing and you’ll just have to take my word that it was good. It was a live performance of Aoba’s latest studio album, backed by the largest ensemble I’ve ever seen her perform with. They sounded great! I’m hoping this show gets permanently archived one day, like the Ginza Sony Park concert, or even goes up for sale.