July 2022 media

  • Paul Simon: The Life: Paul Simon is one of those figures who long said he wouldn’t want a biography written about him but eventually relented, and this is that biography. It’s pretty conventional, but well done; it has the breadth and brisk pacing of a good Behind the Music episode. I’m not sure if its appeal would extend beyond people already interested in its subject, but if you’re a fan it’s an easy recommendation.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected: The recent excitement about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 convinced me to return to the remaster of the first game. While I enjoyed that game, I think its new epilogue Future Connected might be even better (or, at the very least, more consistent). It benefits immensely from the tighter scope, smaller cast, and streamlined gameplay systems. At this rate maybe I’ll be ready for the third game by 2028!

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once: There is so much going on in this movie and so many genres thrown into the blender that I’m amazed it was even coherent, let alone successful. But it was! Michelle Yeoh somehow held it all together. I watch so few movies these days that this is the first 2022 release I’ve seen, but even in the universes where I watched more I imagine this would be among my favorites.