July 2021 media

  • The Daily Solve with Chris Remo: Remo is a longtime games industry luminary known for projects like the podcast network Idle Thumbs and the developer Campo Santo. Earlier this month he began a new YouTube series where he posts daily videos of himself solving the daily New York Times crossword puzzle while he drinks coffee and provides mild-mannered commentary on his process. It’s a satisfying, calming watch, and it’s gotten me interested in trying to solve some crosswords myself. I managed a full Saturday Times puzzle for the first time in my life last week!

  • Look Back: This is a oneshot manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto of Chainsaw Man fame. I’m inclined to be vague and not spoil it—it’s still free to read at the link above, as of this writing—but speaking broadly it’s about the creative impulse and loss and regret. It made a huge splash when it released earlier this month and there are already plans to release it as a standalone volume. It’s unusually long for a oneshot at 140 pages, but it’s a fast read. Highly recommended!

  • Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street: “It’s a documentary about Sesame Street” is probably enough of a pitch, for people of a certain age with a certain sort of childhood. Suffice it to say, it’s great. They have a good selection of interview subjects, and seeing backstage footage and outtakes with Muppets never gets old. It pairs well with 2018’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor? about Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, if you want a fuller children’s television show documentary experience.