February 2022 media

  • Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy: A cultural studies book about the warez scene with some fun, provocative ideas. I especially love the contention that the warez scene is best understood as an ARG. It’s a a scholarly work, thick with footnotes and appendices, but I found it to be very accessible. And the PDF version is free!

  • Kit & Krysta: The duo behind the long-running video series Nintendo Minute has struck out on their own with a new Patreon-funded podcast. It’s good! They’re now free to cover games on other platforms, or to be critical of Nintendo, or to talk about other topics—I sure didn’t have the Great Resignation on my bingo card—so their perspective is more well-rounded.

  • Coraline: This is from years ago now, but I watch movies so rarely that it takes forever to get through my backlog… In any case, I really enjoyed this. Creepy vibes, an unexpectedly solid soundtrack, and some truly amazing stop-motion set pieces. I’m sure it would have stuck in my brain for longer than I would have liked if I’d watched it as a kid.