April 2022 media

  • Bo Burnham: Inside: I’m a year late on this one, but little enough has changed since then that it still lands. I thought the second half, after the pandemic has really seeped into Burnham’s bones, was particularly strong—I wasn’t expecting to add the soundtrack for a comedy special to my music library, but here we are! (Though if it were up to me, I would have given the Grammy to “That Funny Feeling” instead of “All Eyes On Me.") Glad I finally made time for this.

  • Spy × Family: I knew within a few chapters of the Spy × Family manga that it would probably get an anime adaptation, and knew after seeing the first trailer that it would be a good one. The first couple of episodes are perhaps a bit overstuffed so it can set up its high-concept premise, but that’s about the only criticism I could level. Probably the ongoing media thing I’m looking forward to most at the moment.

  • Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie: Another anime adaptation of a favorite ongoing manga of mine, though a markedly less popular one. Though it’s a fairly straightforward high school romance story, its low stakes and lack of major antagonists makes me group it with slice of life fare like Laid-Back Camp. I’m always happy to find a series where I can enjoy it when nothing really happens.