Although I like writing and playing music, I’m not especially good about recording it (or good at recording it, for that matter). Still, I’ve got a few things:

Missing Season

Missing Season

This is an album I did for the RPM Challenge in 2012. All tracks were written and recorded in the month of February.

Download (43.8 MB .zip)

  1. Frostbite
  2. Birdwatcher
  3. Blue-Black
  4. Obstruction
  5. On Water
  6. Invention
  7. Leagues Away
  8. Mossy
  9. That Time
  10. Spectral Waltz


Just some stuff I had lying around. I might upload more later, if it’s not too embarrassing.

  • Owl Creek (I wrote this in 2004 or so. Recorded in 2007.)
  • Bob-omb Battlefield (From Koji Kondo’s soundtrack for Super Mario 64. Arranged and performed by me and my friend Matt DiPierro in 2008.)